Paella a la Viviana's

Paella a la Viviana's

Paella a la Viviana's

With a Spanish mother I grew up with paella. Thank god for that. It still is my one of my favorite dishes. The original version is amazing and my mother could take half the day just cleaning and preparing the fish. After that making the paella is quite easy. The original paella doesn’t have to much vegetables so I’ve doubled the portions. Also four this quick version I bought the fish already cleaned so I can make the delicious paella in about 30 minutes.
I love this version hope you do to.


Nr of people 2
Preperation time ± 20 min
Nr of steps involved 6
Nr of ingredients 12

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1 gram Saffron
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
Handfull Fresh Parsley
80 gram uncooked Short brown rice(or paella rice)
1 yeast gluten lactose free stock
4 Cloves Garlic
500 gram Tomatoes
1 Big red Onion
1 Big red peper
250 gram Clamps
200 gram Fresh pealed prawns
250 gram Fresh cleaned cut squid

Fry the squid

Add the olive oil in a frying pan with the garlic cloves. When the garlic starts to give color add the squid. Fry just one minutes and remove from pan but leave the garlic cloves in


Fry the prawns

Now fry the prawns in the same oil until pink and remove again leaving the garlic cloves in the pan.


Cook the clamps

Now add the clamps until they open. Then turn the fire off


Make the sauce

Now mix all  all your vegetables, saffron , cube stock and the garlic cloves that were left in the pan in a blender. Ones all smooth about 1 minute bring your sauce in a big frying pan or wok.


Cook the rice

Now add the fish and rice ingredients together in a pan and add one cup of water in the pan. bring to boil. Once boiling put the fire on low/medium heath
Stir every 4/5 minutes until rice ready. About 15 minutes. The riced should be still a bit crunchy. Turn the fire off and lett the dish rest for 5 minutes.


You can always wake me up for a good paella. You have different ones depending on the region in Spain but my favorite one is the one with fish. Ps normally I would also add mussels but unfortunately they weren’t available today.