miso soup

miso soup

miso soup

My mother gave me a really nice food mandolin and I never use it. The thing is, I love cutting by hand even if it means I need more time in the kitchen. But if you don't like cutting or spending to much time in the kitchen then you would love to have one.

Still this dish was made in a snap. 

Eating a full bowl that gives me so much energy with only 216 calories is all I need in this New Year.

I loved it and hope you will to. 



Nr of people 2
Preperation time ± 15 min
Nr of steps involved 1
Nr of ingredients 8

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4 cups Broth. I used homemade, with no salt at all
1 big red onion
200 gram white mushrooms
100 gram shiitake mushrooms
4 gram dry kombu
60 gram japanese barley miso
100 gram kale
1 lime

one after the other

The steps are easy.

Put the broth in a pan on a medium fire. If you don't have homemade broth then try to use a stock by choice without salt ore at less miso paste. You can use any miso stock or paste that you want of course.

Then, start cutting the onion and add it in the pan, then the white mushrooms, then the shiitake, then the miso paste, then the kale and finish with the lime.

Let it simmer for 5 minutes and bon appetite!