Irish moss jelly

Irish moss jelly

Irish moss jelly

Irish moss isn't a moss but a seaweed and you can use  it in so many ways. Making the paste needs a little preperation but it's really worth the effort. 

Not only can you use it as a binder in food like pancakes, tortillas or soups you can also spread a little bit on your face as a mask. When you feel it dried up you rinse it off . Now feel the softness and see the glow. 

Let me know if you have more tips with Irish Moss!


Nr of people 12
Preperation time ± 10 min
Nr of steps involved 2
Nr of ingredients 3

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150 ml water
gram irish moss
2 liter water

irish moss

The smell off the moss is strong and not tasty. Ones you make de paste the smells disappear. Using it in dishes the taste and smell are completely gone

Rinse the Irish moss very properly and let it soak in a big jar(4 hours till 24 Hours) overnight with 2 liter of water.

The next day you rinse it very properly again, the  Irish Moss as you will see has multiplied tremendous and feels a bit like rubber mucus in your hands. I love the sensation.

Put the Irish Moss in a blender make and add water. The water should just cover the moss. No blend until smooth.

Bring your paste into a jar and use it when needed. 

Keep in a refrigerator. It should last a couple of weeks.