Healthy Snacks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you're all good. You know what you need, like, and it works. Great, that's already such a big step. It's not easy for many people, especially during a busy week where you have so much more to think of than what to eat again.

But then, in between or at night, you fancy something and somehow that's not a routine yet. It needs to be quick, tasty and something you fancy. We all know that's not always fruit, vegetables or a handful of unroasted nuts!

Preferably something like a guilty pleasure? I guess nobody would mind if the guilty pleasure actually fed us and not just filled us? It just needs to saturate us!

We all like celebrating and having a blast. Hosting a party can be really fun. If you consider lovely party snacks on the table, it can be even more fun. What if that food could be easy to make, delicious, nutritional and calorie wise not too challenging?  Most party food isn't right?  Wouldn't it be satisfying if it prevented you from feeling bad the next day? 

In this course you will learn what hormones are, what their function is and how to balance them. After this course you will have a good impression how to balance your hormones and why they have such a impact.

You will have learned to make snacks and guilty pleasures that will help you to keep your hormones balanced. You will have learned to make better choices.

You will get a e-book with information an recipes.


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I’m a junk food lover and I’m feeling fine, so following an healthy eat course was the last thing on my mind but a friend convinced me. I’m so glad. The snacks are amazing and so easy to make, but most of all there as good as junk food or as viviana will call it: comfort food!


I enjoyed her course so much!
I've tried her recipes for my daughters birthday and everybody loved them! Booked myself up for the personal day! Can't wait!



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