Quick and Healthy Meals

A job, social life, family, clubs, sports and then you also need to eat! You don't have time to think about the next meal or preparing it! So it's tempting to choose ready meals, microwave or oven. And yes there are healthier ones and they will promise you the world. No sugar, gluten free, no dairy, now even more vegetables! We really believe we are making the right decisions and for a long time it actually works. Who isn't tired after a full day of work, running around, chasing a social life! Is it normal to be run out in the evening, and half of your weekends?

Is that what life is all about? Work, exercising, being social and then exhausted at home around seven or eight o'clock?

I would say, it's not! After work the fun begins and that doesn't always mean partying. Having time for your hobbies, reading, painting, refurbish your house, go out for a walk, studying, etc. Making the right decisions will lead you to a happier and healthier lifestyle, where you will have enough energy until it's bedtime.

Your food choices can have a huge impact on your life and I can teach you how easy it will be to make them.

After this morning you will have a good impression how to balance your hormones and why they have such a impact. You will have learned to cook meals that will help you to balance your hormones and be more creative with food. You will get a e-book with information and recipes.

The entire course will take 3.5 hours


Date Coming soon! Follow us on Facebook for upcoming dates on courses.
Participants 16
Location Putney
Price £ 125

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I’m always very aware of my health and lifestyle, I train a lot and love healthy food. I went to her healthy meal course followed by the personal course. It was amazing and I have learned a lot of new things.



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