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Living Healthy, what does that mean? It can be really complicated as we are all so different. It is because of the personal differences that we have different needs. So, how to know what is good for you? How do you listen to your body? Body and mind work together. You can eat and train healthy but if your mind isn't clear it won't bring you happiness. Being happy in an unhealthy lifestyle can bring you a long way, but in the end it could also harm you.

What I can do for you is to look at your specific needs. I can teach you to make the right choices and how to use them. I will rummage through your kitchen (don't be afraid!) and if needs be, I will replace or fill up your cupboards and fridge with improved, alternative, contents that will be relevant to you and your taste. I can provide you a supermarket safari and tell you all about the products, your choices and how to make better ones. We will cook easy meals together and you will learn how simple it is to alternate recipes. I will be able to guide you in what you need so your improved lifestyle will be as easy as possible.

You will get an insight to how your brain triggers you and how to balance your hormones.

This day can change your life.

You will have a goodie bag with my favourite products.

There will be aftercare!


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Viviana has worked with me over the last two years to improve my health and diet

She has taught me that meals that I cook from scratch can take less time to prepare than ready made meals and are so much more healthy and tasty
Above all we have had so much fun working together to improve my diet
I would really recommend Vivianas courses to anyone looking to improve their diet

I loved her healthy snacks course so much that I took the personal nutritional lifestyle day as well and I’m amazed with what I have learned! Still use all of her advice and recipes every day.

Esther de Jongh

After a few busy months, and countless complaints about my lacking sense of well-being, a friend advised me to get in touch with Viviana. 

I was desperate for an energy booster, so I thought it was worth to try out the Personal Health and Lifestyle Day. I couldn't guess I'd be so happy, afterwards! There was much to be learnt about nutrition, health, and lifestyle, whilst still having a laugh. Such a brilliant environment and energy, it was just fantastic.

After making a few changes to my habits, I've realised that this healthier approach isn't much of a headache to do: everything Viviana did recommend has been easily adapted to my own routine and needs, and that made everything work for me. Plus, there's just something about receiving guidance from people who are deeply passionate about what they do, like Viviana.




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