Kids parties cooking lessons

Bringing private cooking lessons to a private school for a private party. Order now and have the kids enjoy an afternoon of cooking and playing with food and make them enjoy it for life.

They will make there own starter, main dish, pudding and snacks. The food will be nutritional, healthy and most of all they will love them.

I already have ongoing tasters at a private school with kids from the ages of 6 years and up and they are already big fans of all that we are making. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could introduce the idea of making good choices and how to make them to our youngsters and having lots of fun in the process.

Let me know about all the allergies as I created many dishes that are free from, so every body will feel included.


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My 7 year old daughter attended one of Vivianas kids courses. She enjoyed making healthy pizza and brussels sprouts. Viviana introduced her to foods that she would never try with me and she has continued to eat really well.

She also loved the experience of cooking with others.


My son attended a workshop with Viviana. She presented in an easy to understand way and the kids had many opportunities to be hands on with the food. It was a great balance of educational and fun which helped my son actually remember the food fun facts he had picked up during the session. The most impressive part of it all is that my son now wants to help me prepare more food at home and he is questioning me about whether it is healthy! Credit to Viviana for inspiring our younger generation to choose health!

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Angela bruce

I gave my cousin the kids party club. They all loved it. I was so surprised how easy it was to let them eat things he would never eat with me. They had so much fun. After that I was quite intrigued by Viviana and followed the healthy snacks course and the personal day! Yummy , I would definitely recommend her to everyone.



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