Goal! Eating as much as possible

Goal! Eating as much as possible

Goal! Eating as much as possible

Having a goal always gives me a good sensation. Over the last five month my rhythm was a bit poor. Of course I have many sincere reasons and lame excuses but I gained 7 kilos. Help!!! Starting my business Keep on Eating and gaining weight wasn't my goal. I want to show that with a normal food pattern and choosing natural ingredients you can keep on eating. 

Luckily I'm back to a normal rhythm and living at my dream location in Putney. I love to challenge myself and having goals . This year I will have plenty of goals. Loosing weight is one of them and I already started! The first two kilos where gone in 2 days, fast kilos go away quickly.

The slow kilos will take some willpower. Now that I'm settled at my new place and the Christmas weeks are over I'm completely ready for this challenge. As I said I've started 4 days ago and already it's showing off in many ways. Aside for the fact that the first kilos are gone, I'm a lot more creative in the kitchen as I love to eat as much as possible. I'm creating new recipes and I will post them on this site. 

I believe there are many ways to lead a healthy lifestyle or to loose weight and I don't pretend or believe that my way is the only or best way. One thing I have learned is that the more I know about health the more I find out that we are individuals with different needs and that not one person in this world is the same. We are unique and we have to learn to listen to our selves. Hopefully I can give you nice tips, recipes that you love and strengths you to keep on eating, keep on going, keep on living!

Would you like to follow me one this journey?

Loves Viviana




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