Keep on Eating in 2018!

Keep on Eating in 2018!

Keep on Eating in 2018!

A new year has arrived ! Are you up to a happy, energetic, active and amazing new year?

The best part about a new year is all the new possibilities and opportunities that are ahead. The best part about the past year are the new experiences, knowledge and wisdom.

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight, eating more healthily or giving up smoking. Did you make any?

One of my resolution is one I would like to share with everybody. I would like to create more meals that will be easy to make, gives us a full plate, stimulates our body and soul to the max and of course it has to be super tasty!

Please let me know your resolutions or recipes, tips or stories! 

Keep on Eating wishes you a Happy New Year!

Loves Viviana

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