Before Christmas

Before Christmas

Before Christmas

Christmas is never really just one day. Its amazing Christmas fairs with lovely smells of Christmas drinks and foods, dinners and drinks with workmates and then we have a traditional Christmas lunch with the family. Just when this is over we dive into New Year's eve; more drinks and lovely party food. During those days our health isn't our first priority, it's all about having fun with family and friend. It's about the only time a year that I let go of my nutritional habits. Not that I necessarily eat unhealthy, but I do eat too much and I will have more drinks than I normally would.It is worth ot to me as I thrive quite a while on the fun I have.

However once New Year's eve is out of the way the whole of me wants to go back to a normal routine and healthy lifestyle. This said I do prepare myself the month before Christmas by eating extra healthy and make sure I exercise enough.

One of my favourite preparations for Christmas is making a super stock. I've bought myself a huge soup pan. 9 liter. On Sunday morning I will go to my local farmers market and buy proper bones, (chicken carcass, and beef bones} herbs and seasonal vegetables. The first day I will have it on low fire the whole day. The smell of this soup is amazing and I walk a few times a day into my kitchen just to catch the smell of it. The second day and each and every other day I warm it up again and bring it to the boiling point. When it boils I'll leave it on medium heat for 15 minutes. If you follow this step the broth will stay good for at least 5 days. Every day I'll make a different soup from this stock. Today I will share how I make the broth and every week till Christmas I will give you the recipe of one of the soups I make from the broth.

This soup is not only super delicious it is also an enormous booster for your body!

Enjoy and Keep on Eating!!

Loves Viviana

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