When you see a house and it looks spotless and clean you might assume it's a good house. Seeing a dirty house with some defaults might hesitate you to buy it.

What we think or assume isn't always right. It can be very misleading. The spotless one can have a horrible foundation and the price to renovate it can be excessive. The dirty house with defaults on the other hand can have such a strong foundation that the cost to renovate it can be a windfall and surprisingly cheep. You can't tell everything from the surface.

Same happens with our body, face and soul.On the surface we can do a lot, botox, facelift, peelings etc and it might look good and attractive but if you didn't take care of the foundation, the inside is still very weak.

A killer body, normal body, wrinkle free silky skin doesn't make you necessarily healthy. It can even be the reason why you are tired, anxious, depressed or ill.

Body and soul need to work together and they need to be taken care of. It's constantly communicating with us but we lost the ability to listen or we ignore the signals for many reasons that seem very important. It seems easier to accept that we are tired, having a rash, allergies or a flu.

We need to reconnect with our body and soul to build a strong foundation. When you listen to your body and soul you're building on your foundation. It will be the biggest gift you can give yourself.


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