relax, chill and enjoy.

relax, chill and enjoy.

relax, chill and enjoy.


A few month ago I wasn't feeling well so started to take double portions of superfoods, extra vitamins and supplements and  some extra sleep.

Normally within a day or two I would have recovered, but this time nothing seemed to help.

After a week I've started to realise that this wasn't just a cold, it was stress. Not just overnight stress. Stress that came from a long time not being happy with my old job, the fear to resign, and the excitement of starting my own company. 

At that moment I wanted a good massage but being busy with many things I didn't had the energy to go out and find the salon that would attract me. Thank god for google search: home massage.

I found Bee, she's an amazing woman. She told me her story and why she became a masseur. Her massage was one off the best I've ever had. Although it hurt quit often, as I was really stiff. The passion for her job was felt throughout the whole massage. Afterwards we kept talking for a while and not one second she gave me a rushing feeling. She gave me advise about my body, she shared her story and how she got her own company and after our appointment she took time to sent me a email with information about cheap products that could help me to relieve my shoulders and some information about questions I had as a starter.

She offers a amazing service at an affordable price and even comes to your house. You don't even need to book her far in advance. She gives a lot and helps you relive your stress. Spa at home or office.

A day later my strength, energy and power where back! I recommend her to everyone.


Thank you Bee, you helped me a lot.                                               

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