Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables

Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables

Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables

Seasonal vegetables and fruit are such an amazing example of nature how much it wants us to be a part of it . Although we can eat all year around almost everything we want thanks to import and export, it doesn't provide us from all the vitamins we needs. Whatever grows in the climate you live in that is what your body needs most. Nature is brilliant! Of course it is nice to have more options and there is nothing wrong using whatever this earth is providing us but if you like power food then eat your local seasonal fruit and vegetables because that will give you the what you need most.

Our body is very complex and we all have different needs, what is good for one can be bad for someone else, so never eat something that doesn't work for you, not even if it is season. 

I've learned to believe that superfoods alone don't make you healthy. It did open my world and it also created  a whole in my wallet. Although I'm gratefully that they are introduced in my lifestyle, I now only use the exotic power foods when I really feel low of energy or as a threat. Not necessarily because I need it. They are expensive and not required.

Our body is brilliant  and loves seasons. Best thing is, they grown plenty and they are cheap!

Keep on eating them, to be fitt, strong , energized and happy!!! And who doesn't like to save money for all the hobby's that we have.







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