Superfood safari

Superfood safari

Superfood safari

Long live superfoods or not? 

When I started my journey in organic foods shortly I also discovered superfoods. Wow, a discovery that supervised me in many ways.

The first article that drawn to my attention was about goji berries and although I can't remember the article it promised the world. So I went straight to the store and bought them. I didn't really liked them but I would definitely get used to it. They would change my health and I would look better and younger.

They didn't bring me the promises I hoped so I started to dig deeper in the world of superfoods. Slowly I bought and used them all and although they costed a fortune it did make me feel better and better. Maca, camu camu, chlorella, spirulina, manuka, stevia, acai berries etc,etc. I bought them like sugar. During the journey in the world of superfoods I also changed my food habits. I didn't want to buy food with harmful E-numbers, started to eat less gluten, less dairy, less sugars, better fats and slowly during this process my choices changed.

Now a few years later my view on superfoods is changed. I'm very gratefully and happy with ever introduction, but also learned that superfoods are grown around my corner, in the environment that I live in and that felling better wasn't because of all the expensive superfoods but  because the learning to make better choices. In this process my taste changed a lot.

I'm still using the exotic superfoods but a lot less. Its nice to have many choices and why not using them.I strongly believe the more varied we eat the better. And food to me is what paint is for a artist so I want to know, taste and use them all.

Yesterday I went to a vegan festival. They where selling many many superfoods and vitamins. The sales people explained everything and let us try the products. Shamelessly they where mentioning the prices. My friend and I tasted everything but I think we got a overdose as we both started to get a little bit shaky. We skipped the health foods, vitamins department and went to try all the vegan cheeses, ice cream, and snacks.

I also discovered a for me new superfood nut called Pili. They where delicious and I bought them. On my way home I've started to read all about the benefits. Happy I discovered something new but tomorrow I will buy my superfoods on at my local farmers market.

Looking forward to discover new local thinks. 



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