Why Keep on Eating?

Why Keep on Eating?

In Holland we have a proverb:

" Through the trees we can't see the forest."

Eating with your family is like running through a forest, it is easy to get lost with so many diets, advice, opinions and visions.

Every forest is unique. It has different trees, plants, flowers, weeds, inhabitants with all their specifics needs.

A healthy forest is in balance and beautiful. It knows what it needs and knows how to live.

We best do the same with our families. If we eat clean, use the climate and seasons we live in, we can create delicious, simple, full of flavour and beautiful meals that will let us grow into the people we are meant to be. Food that will feed us and not just fill us.

Food is the fundamental core to a strong, healthy and happy lifestyle!

Love Viviana

Who is Viviana Cerutti?

Who is Viviana Cerutti?

Life is for living! That is where my love for food stems from. Food is not just for eating, it's about what it does for us. We need to eat to survive physically and mentally.

Sharing a meal that tastes great creates such a positive ambiance around the table. That in turn helps us to have great conversations, share ideas, enjoy laughter, and lots more. In my experience growing up in Holland with a Spanish mother, the better the food, the more fun is had around the table. There are so few moments in the day that I can get people to sit down and make time to talk, but when we sit to eat we also make time for conversation.

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